The best ergonomics mod for comfort and control will surprise you

Most ergonomic advice you hear tends to be centered on the seat or handlebars. I'm here to tell you that there is a crucial ergo modification that gets ignored and should be addressed before the aforementioned parts.

Your hands and wrists often get uncomfortable first and can take away from a good riding experience. That is why refining your throttle is so important. 

There are a couple of factors that can impact your hands, in this guide will show you how to reduce your hand stress by customizing your throttle assembly, grips, and levers.

Start by taking a look at your throttle tube and the radius of the throw. For many bikes it is way too long and can have you constantly readjusting your grip or keeping your wrist bent more than it needs to be. You can refine this to your liking by doing the following:

Quick turn throttle or adjustable rate throttle like - Motion Pro Throttle Kit Rev-2

Modifying your throttle cam profile on your own. This will take experimenting and is worthy of it's own article.

Next, it is important to have a high quality, sticky and comfortable grip. This is a pretty subjective upgrade, but the stock hard grips you find on most bikes can be immediately improved upon by replacing them with protaper pillow top grips.

ProTaper Pillow Top Grips

Lastly, you'll benefit clutch and brake lever modifications as well. They can also help reduce fatigue by having and easier pull and more adjustability.

Here is a link to my favorite levers: RSC Levers

See this article for why I think they are the best: Coming Soon.

Considering how important your hands and wrists are for controlling your bike, it makes sense to start there for comfort and improved rider Inputs. These are best when combined with a quality handlebar change. 

See here for my handlebar guide: Coming Soon.

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