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Forget the exhaust, these are the first modifications every rider should make!

Googling essential mods will reveal many top 10 lists with cosmetic mods recommendations like fender eliminator and exhaust recommendations. I am here to tell you that your hallowed RevZilla advice is wrong. 

Taking a pragmatic approach to customizing your bike may not be sexy enough for a top 10 list, but it is easily the best approach to modifying your motorcycle. 

It all starts with protecting your investment, see this article I wrote on picking the best crash protection for your style of bike: CRASH PROTECTION GUIDE

After all that, you still have to trudge through some more mods that wont impress your friends that still refer to sport bikes as crotch rockets. These include customizing rider inputs and ergonomics.

As much as I love to uncork a bike, its much better to never have to show up to a ride with scuffed fairings and be comfortable and confident while riding. Just remember, this is poor mans guide that takes into account that not every mod can be done at once due to budget constraints. If you are rich, just go through the parts catalog and have the dealer put everything on...

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